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 Bracelets & Sets
 Glass Made in Our Garage Studio 
The Giddy Up team of two at work, when we're not at our day jobs.
All of our glass is made with compatible system 96 fusible glass. It is special glass and is not the same as what you see in stained or plate glass. If wire is used it is generally copper or stainless steel nylon coated stringing wire. Most of our accents are cut by hand but the intricate shapes are generally cut using a Taurus 3 glass saw. I enjoy  painting or drawing the 14k gold & glass enamel by hand, using multiple layers of glass, and dichroic/metallic glasses which can be costly. We enjoy experimenting and I do enjoy the bubbles that are produced in the glass by speeding up the fusing time. We like to keep the jewelry items affordable and hope you find something here for yourself, your friends, or family that you can enjoy for years to come. I have been told that the pictures never do the fused glass justice and I think folks are right. When you get your piece out into the sunlight you will be amazed!

- People are always telling me, "You should charge more!" I love creating and the whole idea is that everyone can afford a piece of wearable art. - Michelle

Bracelets & Sets
All of our bracelets are strung on 19 strand, nylon coated, cable wire. The clasps, jump rings, crimps, and covers are all sterling silver for a professional look that won't fall apart.

Pink Iridized Swirled Glass Bead, Genuine Pearl, Moonstone Chip, and base metal Butterflies & Faces Bracelet $15.00

The Blue Royale Set starts with purple, dichroic, transparent and iridescent frit/crushed glass, that was first fused into bars. The bars were cut and then set upon the rich, royal blue, iridescent glass, and fused again. The second fusing of the bars to iridescent glass, causes the glass to form giant baubles that have depth and texture. In any light, and in person, the sheen is more shimmery and the deep color is spectacular. The matching ring has a plated adjustable ring, while the scarf/suit pin, has a bar and hasp closure. (One set  available )

The Blue Royale Ring & Pin Set $5.00

Royale Blue Tidepools Set- It's like looking right into a tide pool. What do you see in it? This set is made with the "famythyst" purple dichroic and iridescent  frit/crushed glass that has been fused into a block. The block is cut and fused on top of a piece of royal blue iridized glass. This approx. 1" by 1" pendant has a .925 sterling silver bail and the matching ring comes on an adjustable plated ring blank. (one set available)

Royale Blue Tidepools Set $25.00

Royale Blue Tidepools Bracelet- The oval link bracelet chain is .925 sterling silver with handmade, twisted and solid rope oval links. It has a heavy duty sterling oval loop and sterling trigger clasp. All of the jump rings are sterling silver and it is approx. 8" long. (one available)$25.00

"Tidepools 2" Pendant, Ring & Earrings Set  $25.00 (one available)


      The Smokey Mosaic Glass Pendant has lots of depth with it's chunky dichroic pieces.The dichroic glass pieces sit on top of a a base of smokey topaz glass that has a purple-yellow iridescence. The glass and is then capped with clear glass and fused. It's spectacular against the skin in the sunlight!
This pendant has a sterling silver bail and a decorative textured back.
    The matching bracelet is approx 7.5" long and has six matching charms. The chain has all handmade, twisted and smooth .925 sterling silver ovals. The trigger clasp, oval loop and jump rings are all sterling silver. When my hubby saw this pendant he said, "You have to make a bracelet to go with that!" The plated, matching ring is adjustable (one set a one extra ring avialable- pendants vary from photo as multiple were made) 

The Smokey Mosaic Pendant and Ring $15.00

The Smokey Mosaic Pendant & Charm Bracelet Set $40.00

The Smokey Mosaic  Ring $5.00


Roses Set- 24K gold pen pendant on red iridescent glass, with matching earrings. The pendant has a gold plated bail, and matching 24K gold pen earrings. This set is on red iridescent glass. The earrings hang on gold filled (14k 1/20) French ear wires with rubber clutches. The matching ring is adjustable $25.00 (one set available)

Click here to see an article on how it is made

Bead Necklaces 
     These are stunning alone or layered, but are made specifically for our fused glass pendants with sterling silver bails. They are made to slide right through their 4.3mm bail opening. Quality made with 3mm Czech faceted, high fire polished, aurora borealis beads. All of the trigger clasps, jump rings, crimps, crimp covers, and 2" chain extenders are .925 sterling silver.
These necklaces are approx. 17.5" long with a 2" chain extender so they can be worn from 17.5" to 19.5" depending on the pendant you are wearing, from higher to lower on the neckline. I am very impressed with these beads!
    The matching bracelets are approx. 7.5" with all of the same sterling silver findings. Like the necklaces, they are strung on 19 strand, .61mm stainless, nylon coated, Beadalon wire, and double wrapped under the crimp covers for strength and security.

The "Sets" Include a beaded necklace and bracelet.
Cherry Red Aurora Borealis Bead Set (pendant not included) $15.50

Jet Aurora Borealis Bracelet and necklace Set $15.50

Cobalt faceted, aurora borealis, 3mm, Czech glass bead, tear drop earrings with sterling silver French ear wires, and .925 crimp covers $8.00

  scarf pin  scarf pin  ring





Purple & Platinum Daisies Set- This set is covered with liquid platinum and is on a fantastic purple glass, which has an aqua iridescence. The pendant bail, and the earrings, sterling French hook ear wire,  The set includes the pendant, silver plated adjustable ring, earrings, lapel / dress pin, a 7.5" and a scarf pin.

Iridized Purple & Platinum Daisies 6 Piece Set $25.00

Iridescent Clear & Platinum Daisies Pendant $10.00

     The Millefiori flowers & Dichroic Bracelet - The Millefiori bracelet has it's flowers fused between two layers of striated dichroic glass turned in opposite directions. This process creates an almost checkered pattern that sparkles in any light. The bail on the pendant is .925 sterling silver.
     The glass rectangles alternate with and without the Millefiori flowers inserted inside. Some of the dichroic glass is laid on different sides for more interest and shine on the beads. The beads hang from silver plated oval mounts on the handmade .925 sterling silver twisted oval link chain.   
one available)

Millefiori Flowers Bracelet $30.00

The Tiger in the Jungle set is made from the red Fracture-Streamer glass that includes stringers, frit and confetti glass. The "tiger" in the "jungle", is black-backed red-orange dichroic glass placed behind the fracture-streamer glass, before it is fused. This pendant has a gold plated bail and includes a plated adjustable ring. The French hook earwires on the earrings are gold filled. (one set available)

The Tiger in the Jungle Set $25.00

The Blue "Famythyst" Pendant is made from small pieces of dichroic, grape iridescent, beige and black opal glass. So many folks love purple and blue and this is light enough to wear with summer clothing, and transparent enough to show off your tan. The pendant has royal blue iridescent glass added to the mix, and includes a sterling silver bail. (one available)

The (Fabulous + Amytheyst ) Famythyst Set $10.00

Dichroic Vertical Glass Channel Bead Bracelets-- These dichroic beads have been formed by running a piece of thick fiberglass paper between the clear background pieces and dichroic pieces of glass so they can be strung on Beadalon 19 cable wire which is covered with fifty genuine 4mm and 6mm aurora borealis Swarovski Crystals. The  textures and vibrant colors are stunning! The bracelet is finished with a sterling silver trigger clasp, a closed jump ring, two silver crimps and two crimp covers at each end. The finished wire runs through both crimps and covers for added security. The bracelet is approximately 7 1/4" long and fabulous!
     The next bracelet set is made the same way, but has black backed glass, with alternating jet, clear aurora borealis, and vitrail/stained glass effect swarovski crystals. (one dark dichroic bracelet set available, clear is sold)

Greens and Red Dichroic Glass Channel Bead bracelet
$40.00 SOLD

Clear backed purple and silver glass channel bead bracelet available $40.00

I have been told that the pictures never do the fused glass justice. I think folks are right!


Vertical Mardi Gras Dichroic Ring capped in clear glass with adjustable band $5.00 (one available, pendant is sold)

Vertical Mardi Gras Dichroic Pendant uncapped dicroic glass  adjustable ring $5.00

Groovy Glass- How is it made?

Iridescent, dichroic, and opal glass is hammered and fused for 12 hours onto clear glass strips. Then the shapes are drawn & sawed out with a Taurus 3 glass saw by hand. Then the glass is fired again for 9 hours to give all the edges a high fire polish.

The Groovy Glass Heart Pendant Set is made from colorful  frit/crushed glass, dichroic and iridescent glass. All the glass is fused into a thick flat piece. After that, the shape is sawed out with a Taurus 3 glass saw, the kiln is fired up again where the shapes are tack fused onto another piece of glass and the edges get a high gloss shine. Each one comes out different and interesting! This set has sterling silver bail, and .925 French hook ear wires. If you don't have pierced ears, these earrings will make a terrific gift! The set includes the pendant, adjustable ring, and earrings. (one set available)

The Groovy Hearts Set $25.00

** Stainless Steel 18" nylon coated cable neck wire with barrel clasp. Simple and sharp looking to color coordinate your glass. $1.00 (one of each color available, but four are available in clear/silver)

Dark Green/Evergreen
Dark brownSOLD
Clear/ Silver Colored
Dark Blue
Dark Pink
Gold Colored

Memory wire bracelets are fun and you get so many wraps around your wrist for a whole lot less. This pink and ivory pearlescent resin bead and sterling silver filigree bead bracelet, springs into shape and style every time you wear it. It has delicate colors but is an easy everyday wear!
(one available)

Pink, Ivory and Sterling Silver Filigree Bead Memory Wire Bracelet $8.00

Saving Sand in a Bottle Set- That is, a flat bottle! This set is made with powdered .925 sterling silver and copper, fused between clear and blue Caribbean glass. The copper sinks to bottom of the clear glass while the powdered silver fuses between the two, creating the sand in the bottle effect. This set takes you right to the shore. Too bad you can't stick your toes in there! The approx. 1" by 1 1/8" pendant has a sterling silver bail and the earrings have .925 sterling French hook ear wires, with rubber clutches. The ring is mounted on a silver plated adjustable ring blank.(one set available) $25.00 SOLD
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